Dr. Martens 6485 Mary Jane

Dr. Martens 6485 Mary Jane - Buy Dr. Martens 6485 Mary Jane - Purchase Dr. Martens 6485 Mary Jane (Dr. Martens, Apparel, Departments, Shoes, Children's Shoes, Girls, Special Occasion, Dress & Evening)
Dr. Martens 6485 Mary Jane
Materials that are relevant, vibrant and fun. Improved comfort last and outsole for exceptional cushioning and flexibility. Comfort footbed, trans outsole for durability. Sometime in the 1980’s, the fashion world discovered that when you were too hoarse to scream anymore, there were certain colors that could do it for you. And you know Dr. Martens. Always happy to turn up the volume with our design. The fluorescent collection gives kids day glo fluorescent colors that conspire with slick patent material for a vibrant, eye-catching statement that nods to then, but is now.
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